Masonic Postal Chess Club






The name of this organization shall be: MASONIC POSTAL CHESS CLUB.




This organization is founded as a not–for–profit fraternal association to furnish a medium of communication for persons interested in playing chess via mail and to promote fraternal relations among members.




1. Membership in this organization is available only to Master Masons or the member of recognized Appendant Bodies and Youth Groups who furnish acceptable evidence of good standing in those organizations.


2. Membership classes shall be as follows:

A. Regular membership is available to any qualified person under the age of 65 and entitles said member to all rights and privileges of this organization.

B. Senior membership is available to any qualified person aged 65 or over and entitles said member to all rights and privileges of this organization.

C. Special membership is available to any qualified person residing in a Masonic Home or a health care facility, exclusive of employees, and entitles said member to all rights and privileges of this organization.

D. Life membership may be conferred by the Board of Directors upon any member who has rendered outstanding and exemplary service in promoting the goals and purposed of this organization OR who has contributed a sum as determined by the Board of Directors and entitles said member to all rights and privileges of this organization for life, while he remains otherwise qualified.

E. Family membership is available to the otherwise qualified spouse and children of MPCC members, provided they reside at the same address as the member. They shall not receive a separate copy of the club Newsletter.


3. Every member shall be expected to avoid improper conduct which may debase their dignity or this organization. They shall obey these by-laws and other rules in spirit, as well as in letter, and at all times strive to promote the interests of the organization and extend its honor. They shall reply promptly and courteously to all official correspondence. Masonic principles and fair play shall be standards expected in all activities.





1. This organization shall normally conduct its business affairs by mail due to the geographic separation between members. It is vitally important that prompt attention be given to all correspondence relating to operations. The officers are expected to reply as soon as possible, at the latest within seven days.


2. Timely response by a majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business of this organization.




1. Current annual dues shall accompany applications for membership. Should the applicant be rejected, all moneys advanced shall be returned.


2. Annual dues for the various membership classes shall be determined by the Board of Directors.


3. Annual dues are payable to the treasurer in advance each fiscal year, which shall be from July 1 through June 30 following.


4. Failure to remit dues promptly as stated after two notices sent by the treasurer advising same, is cause for suspension from the MPCC.


5. No member shall be suspended for inability to remit dues. The Board of Directors may waive dues for any member requesting same.


6. The Secretary shall prorate the dues for members joining after the first quarter. The excess amount tendered with the membership application shall be applied to the ensuing year.


7. New members enrolled between April 1 through June 30 shall be exempt from dues for that period, and dues paid concurrent with the application shall be credited for the ensuing year.


8. Life membership fees and bequests shall be maintained intact in separate accounts. Only interest income earned from such restricted funds may be expended for normal operations.




1. The Board of Directors of this organization shall consist of all elected officers plus the Newsletter editor and the immediate past president.


2. The Board of Directors shall have discretionary powers collectively and individually to make decisions, interpret rules, establish policy, and conduct the regular business of this organization.


3. The Board of Directors shall have the power to appoint a member to fill an unexpired term for any office vacated by incapacitation, resignation or removal, or an office left vacant after regular elections.


4. The Board of Directors shall determine eligibility of any member to ballot or hold office.


5. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to discipline members for repeated violation of time limits or any other infraction, as circumstances warrant.


6. The Board of Directors may request opinions or votes on various matters. A majority of ballots cast shall determine the issue.




1. This organization shall be administered by the following officers:

A. President

B. Vice President

C. Secretary

D. Treasurer

E. Three Trustees

2. The Newsletter Editor shall be appointed by the President, with the concurrence of the Secretary, to serve until a successor is appointed. The Newsletter Editor shall be a member of the Board of Directors during his term.


3. The immediate Past President shall be a member of the Board of Directors until he shall be succeeded. Should he resign or be relieved of his office, his Board seat shall remain vacant until the presiding President shall assume it.


4. Any officer who fails to execute assigned responsibilities or fails repeatedly to respond to official communications may be censured or relieved of office by the Board of Directors.




1. The President shall be the chief administrator of all activities of this organization. It shall be his responsibility to ensure continuous efficient operation, provide leadership, verify election results, appoint committees, appoint the Newsletter Editor with the concurrence of the Secretary, and approve capital expenditures of unusual nature. He shall have the authority to perform all the usual duties associated with administering any organization. He shall be the representative of this organization in external affairs and ensure that peace and harmony prevails.


2. The Vice President shall be the assistant administrator and will help, aid and assist the President in the performance of his duties and any tasks assigned by the President. He shall be Chairperson of the Adjudication Committee and a member of other committees. He shall assume the responsibilities of the chief administrator should the President become unable to perform.


3. The Secretary shall maintain membership records, conduct official correspondence, furnish officers with timely reports of business matters and membership status, assign games and sections, and conduct elections with the assistance of the Editor. He shall be alternate Editor. He may appoint administration assistants as required to effectively discharge these duties.


4. The Treasure shall collect and disperse all funds, maintain suitable banking accounts, pay all bills incidental to the operation of this organization promptly as required, keep an accurate record pertaining thereto. He shall notify members of dues delinquency and pending suspension. He shall deposit all operating funds in excess of $500 in an interest bearing account and, for the purposes of emergency, shall cause both President’s and First Vice President’s signatures to be placed on all banking accounts of the organization.


5. The Trustees shall be collectively and individually responsible for ensuring that members’ rights and privileges are not infringed. They shall serve on the Adjudicating Committee as required, interpret by-laws and other rules and assist the officers when requested to do so.


6. The Newsletter Editor shall edit, publish, and distribute a regular bulletin for the benefit of the membership and shall be responsible for its contents, ensuring compliance with Masonic principles and club rules. He shall maintain reference files of all publications, act as historian, distribute ballots and assist the Secretary in conducting the elections.


7. The immediate past President shall be an auxiliary Trustee and member of the Board of Directors and shall furnish the administrative officers advice and assistance as requested.


8. Each officer shall furnish every other officer a copy of all decisions or opinions rendered on matters of common concern relating to administration of this organization.


9. Each officer shall promptly deliver to his successor all funds, archives, materials and correspondence, owned or relating to administration of this organization, so that its harmonies and efficient continuance is not impaired. Failure to comply shall be cause for censure or expulsion.




1. Officers shall be elected by a majority of the ballots cast by members in good standing. In the event of a tie vote, the Senior Trustee shall cast the deciding vote.


2. Candidates for office may be nominated by any member, including himself.


3. Elections shall be conducted by the Secretary with the assistance of the Editor and verified by the President according to the following schedule:

June Nominations made

July Candidates verified

August Ballots distributed. Cutoff date for valid ballots is Sept. 1

September Results confirmed, published and officers assume their positions


4. Terms of elected office shall be from September 1 through August 30 each year for the President, First Vice President, and Second Vice President. The office of Secretary shall be elected in even numbered years fulfilling a two year office. The office of Treasurer shall be elected in odd numbered years fulfilling a two year office. One Trustee shall be elected each for a period of three years. The Trustee having served the longest consecutive period shall be the Senior Trustee.

5. Only a Master Mason in good standing may serve as President of this organization, nor serve for more than two elected consecutive years, which should not restrict his eligibility to hold any other elected office.




1. Upon dissolution of this organization, all moneys held in trust or restricted accounts shall be refunded the original contributors in so far as is practicable and any remainder according to Section 2 below.


2. All material possessions shall be sold, the proceeds applied to pay any outstanding obligations and any remaining assets distributed among all members in good standing, pro-rata based on longevity of membership, or applied to some Masonic purpose.




1. These by-laws may be amended, repealed, or revised by a majority vote of members of the Board of Directors.




1. This organization may adopt changes or additions to operating rules for efficient conduct of games and tournaments and practical administration in general. When considered desirable, these operating rule changes may be incorporated as amendments to the by-laws.




The existence of this organization is directly attributable to initiative, effort and nurture of one Brother who recognized the need for such an organization. In order to permanently recognize, give due respect, and pay homage to this individual, we do hereby bestow upon


the titles of Founder, Honorary Trustee, and Life Member.